Toenails infected with a fungus are relatively common affecting between 3-10% of the UK population. Normally the infection is predisposed by trauma to the nail, particularly repeated trauma and hence is more prevalent in hill walkers, footballers etc. Many patients with relatively minor fungal nail infections are happy to ignore the problem and this is an approach we would encourage. Research would suggest that tablets containing Terbinafine are perhaps the most effective and a patient with toe nail fungal infection would be expected to take one 200mg Terbinafine tablet daily for three months (one month for finger nails).

The use of Lasers for fungal toenail treatment involves raising the temperature of the nail bed to levels that kill the fungal hyphae without exposing the patient to any significant discomfort. Fungal Nail Infection is often difficult to cure and patients are strongly advised to consult a practitioner who has an intimate familiarity of all the possible treatments. Keep your feet as clean as possible to avoid infection.Once the problem advances to a point when there is blood or fluid coming from the toe you need to go to the doctor. This will remove the pressure from the tender skin and allow it to heel.Doing this procedure at home can be painful and dangerous.

White superficial fungal nail infection only affects the upper layers of the nail plate and can be treated topically even where there are several nails affected.

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