A plantar wart is a common affliction that causes warts to break out on the toes or soles of a foot or both feet. Plantar warts or verruca plantaris as they are also known are caused when your feet get infected with the human papilloma virus. The most common method that is also one of the cheapest for plantar wart removal is the duct tape method.
You can also use natural ingredients such as lime, garlic, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, tea tree oil, honey, baking soda, toothpaste, and several other such ingredients to rid yourself of your wart. A surgeon will use local anesthesia to numb the area of your foot where the wart is located before removing your wart along with a little surrounding tissue that might still be infected or could contain the roots. Your feet are quite susceptible to a viral attack since they could tread over land or water that has been already infected with the human papilloma virus that can cause plantar warts. An exciting breakthrough in laser technology is now available where one can use the laser genesisplus treatment for plantar wart. If you have been battling warts for months or years using the old traditional treatments without any success, laser genesisplus treatment may be an effective option to clear your warts.
I have been practicing for almost 20 Years and this is a very exciting technology available in the treatment of plantar warts. If you too have turned into a victim of this painful condition and are contemplating plantar wart removal then you have several options to choose from.
The result is painful tumors in the shape of ingrown boils over the sole of your feet that increase in size and pain if not treated and removed in the early stages.

All you need to do is to stick duct tape over your plantar wart ensuring that no air can reach the wart and leave it on for around 6 days. However, this treatment is quite painful and if you cannot bear pain then you could try out laser surgery to burn off the wart in layers. This method might leave a scar and you might also require stitches in case the wart was larger in size. However, if you are infected then you should explore all possible treatments in plantar wart removal so as to get rid of this painful affliction for good. A Plantar warts are contagious and are usually seen in kids or adults that go barefoot in a pool, gym, or any communal area where one goes without protective socks. The laser treatment is a very powerful form of treatment which destroys the cells in the skin that contain the plantar wart. Please Call or Email our office to find out more about this laser treatment for plantar warts. Removing this wart is quite difficult since the soles of your feet are always in contact with socks, shoes, or water or the ground, which in turn increases chances of re-infection to a large extent.
You can then simply remove the duct tape, moisten the wart and use a file, pumice stone or emery paper to scrape off the suffocated and dead wart.
However, if your feet are regularly exposed to infection then you might need stronger chemicals such as salicylic acid in high concentrations that can effectively kill the wart, although this treatment does not work in all cases. This treatment is the best for surface warts that have not penetrated too much into the skin although it is also the costliest.

Proper care will be needed in all forms of treatment to ensure that the wart does not make an unwanted reappearance since the entire process might have to be repeated to remove it again.
Plantar Warts can start off very small and over time get much larger forming a mossaic wart as shown in the picture found below.
This process of treating the wart is very effective usually requiring only 1-2 treatments instead of years of frustration. The Podiatry Clinic has ample P-Parking in the Delisle Court where the Klayman Foot Laser Clinic is located. If, however, all your efforts have simply resulted in agitating your wart then your final arsenal in the fight on plantar wart removal would be to surgically remove the viral offender from your foot.
At times warts can be unnoticed but as they get larger one can start to see changes in the skin texture along with the formation of black pin head like lesion with a callous on the top surface. In the past warts could be treated by Salacid-like products, Canthrone, Liquid Nitrogen, Immune modulating creams and other home remedies like duct tape or banana peels without great success due to the resistant like nature of a plantar wart.

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