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Laser wart treatments attack warts on 2 fronts where other treatments only attack them in 1 way. After the treatment a blood blister forms, 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment the blood blister hardens. The infection can be transferred through hands if gloves worn by the employee are not changed after every customer. Treatment should be done as early as possible since it is harder to eradicate larger warts. Warts have traditionally been removed with modalities such as surgical excision, freezing or chemicals.
Transfer of warts to an individual can happen through ragged cuticles, small cuts on hands and feet, dry skin, and through cuts from nail biting. Employees tend to be careless in nail salons and don’t sanitize the equipment after every customer.
Warts grow best in moist environments and these baths provide the perfect opportunity for them to grow.

The three main ways of treating warts are through following procedures: cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen therapy), electrosurgery, salicylic acid.
Once the wart freezes, a blister is formed underneath and stops the circulation of the wart. The laser selectively targets hemoglobin and, in doing so, destroys the vasculature that feeds a wart lesion. For this blog, we will be focusing on common warts, planter warts, and flat warts as they are typically found in salons. Many customers come into nail salons with unknown illnesses of which warts could be one of them. This modality is less painful than traditional wart removal methods, and the laser treatment avoids the damage or destruction of adjacent skin tissue – which can be significant in particular when surgical excision is used on plantar warts of the feet and other larger warts.
Warts can stay dormant in an individual’s body for a few years; it can take up to two years from exposure for warts to form. Towels that come into contact with warts can pose a threat to the following customers as they are not washed after each customer.

Flat warts are mainly caused by foot baths in salons because many women tend to shave their legs and the open pores allow the infection to come in. Warts normally don’t pose a major concern but some can be painful and can lead to cancer such as genital warts. For more information on warts and other conditions looking like warts check out Calluses and Warts Page. The reason why warts are a concern in salons is because they are very contagious and spread easily.

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