When running or walking long distances, fatigue and muscle tiredness might slow you down, but painful foot blisters can stop you in your tracks. Custom orthotics help maintain the foot in a functionally neutral position and help to prevent pressure points and thus prevent foot blisters.
Maintaining proper hydration helps reduce swelling of the feet, so the occurrence of hot spots and foot blisters is reduced. There are many different theories and products out there that claim to prevent blisters such as lubricants, powders, blister pads and antiperspirants.

If you are constantly getting bad blisters when you are training and this is not getting better with time, then have your shoes, socks and innersoles reviewed, they might be inappropriate.
Innersoles can be specially made to fit correctly in your shoes and covered with materials that can help reduce the risk of blisters. If you can feel something inside your shoe, chances are that if you leave it, you will develop a blister. Hot spots may be identified as red marks or sore spots on your skin that will eventually blister if not treated.

When you become fluid-deficient, the skin loses its normal levels of water in the skin and easily rubs or folds over on itself, leading to blisters.

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