A study published in the Journal Acupuncture in Medicine suggests that massaging the bottoms of the feet increases blood flow to the feet, relieving pain. Additionally, natural oils such as menthol (mint leaves), camphor and eucalyptus, soothe and cool feet and facilitate blood flow to areas of pain. Combined with fat pad loss, other physiological changes in the feet (weakening of muscles, loss of resiliency of tendons and ligaments, and spreading of the feet due to weight gain) make the feet more vulnerable to soreness and pain.

This therapy decrease bone and joint issues and reduce swelling so that sensitive nerve endings in the feet can heal. Aloe also helps to hydrate and clean feet, and Epson salts help detoxify feet and reduce inflammation. I always have achy shins and feet after running, and acupuncte treatment has been the only thing that has brought me long term relief for my painful feet.

Jay Sordean article Painful Foot Helped with Acupuncture to learn more about The Redwood Clinic and Acupuncture in Berkeley CA.

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