Corns and hammertoes go hand and hand when it comes to a painful toe corn on the tip of the toe. There are only a few types of conservative treatments effective for this type of painful toe corn. Dorsal hard corns are most commonly found on the 2nd and 5th toes, however they can occur on any toe. A painful toe corn between the toes or an Interdigital soft corn can occur in any of the interspaces. Indications: Interdigital Corns, overlapping toes, painful toes, bunions, tailor’s bunions, pressure between toes. They occur on top of the toe at the 1st toe joint, known as the proximal interphalangeal joint (PIPJ).
Usually one corn will form between the toes, however there can be a communicating corn as well. Putting something soft between the toes to alleviate the pressure can prevent the corn from forming.

When the heel comes off the ground, the tip of the toe is driven into the ground, the toe responds by generating additional skin for protection. This painful toe corn is caused by pressure and shear force from the shoe causing irritation on the top of the toe, therefore this corn is strictly a problem between the toe and the shoe. Visco gel sleeves work well if the shoe has room, it placed over the toe to absorb the sheer force occurring over the prominence.
There are several different types of toe separators made from foam, felt, and Visco gel that work very well, however, many people use cotton or lamb’s wool with good results.
Shoes that do not have enough height in the toe box will cause pressure across this area resulting in a painful toe corn. This normally is a problem between two toes, but tight shoes squeezing the toes together will cause an increase in pressure and pain. These devices are made by your podiatrist with a compound that when mixed hardens into a device capable of offloading the area where the corn forms. Interdigital soft corn are caused by bony prominences creating excessive pressure between the toes resulting in a corn.

In people with diabetes and some other disorders where the nerves do not function properly, people will not feel pain until the corn has started to cause severe build up, an open wound or even an infection.
Open toed sandals without straps across the toes will alleviate the pressure and the corn will go away. The bony prominences are usually the result of arthritic changes in the joints of the toes.
Totally Feet Podiatry and Laser Center Now offers a Toe Separator Sampler Pack for those not sure which is going to work best for them. There are several different types of corns so I will break them down into groups based on treatment and location.

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