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Both calluses and plantar warts can appear on the balls of the feet, as well as other areas of the sole that are under constant pressure when a person is standing. Calluses occur from repeated stress on the skin, such as a shoe rubbing on the back of the foot.
Calluses are caused by repeated stress on an area of the skin rather than a pathogen like a virus or bacteria. Due to the differences in how these conditions start or spread, a person sometimes can tell if he is dealing with a wart or callus by what happens when the growth is manually filed or cut off. Healthcare professionals typically will be able to offer an initial diagnosis about a wart or callus just by looking at it.

If the immune system cannot keep the infection under control, however, the lesion can remain on the skin indefinitely. They usually make the final call after getting additional information such as when the growth appeared. First, I had just one bump, then the bump got bigger and a second one popped up next to it. When the problem appears or goes away is another indicator, because warts are viral, whereas calluses are the result of repeated, excessive friction.
By contrast, a callus will soften and go away as soon as a person is able to keep that area of the body from getting so much friction.

If it's on the ball of the foot, on the heel or on the side of the big toe, it's probably a callus. Calluses develop on these areas because these are the spots where friction occurs while walking. If the growth is elsewhere, it might be a wart.

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