Corns and callus are caused by one thing - TOO MUCH PRESSURE, usually in combination with some friction.
They can occur on any part of the foot and vary in symptoms from a mild callus under the foot, to an infected ulcer that can develop under a corn on a toe. A callus generally refers to a more diffuse thickening of the skin (more common on the toes, but can occur under the ball of the foot) whereas a corn is a thicker more focal area area (more common on the toes).

For example, callus develops on the hand when chopping a lot of wood - its a normal way for the skin to protect itself. The pressure stimulates the skin to thicken to protect itself, but as the stimulation of the pressure continues, it becomes painful. In the foot, the skin will thicken up to protect itself when there are areas of high pressure.

Too much pressure can be from footwear that is too tight, or toe deformities, such as hammer toes.

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