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A flexible flatfoot means that your arch flat only with standing, but the arch returns with sitting. Mary, South AfricaI get this black sore rash on my body and it is itchy as well as painful.
Physical therapy may be prescribed for additional hands on treatment and for instruction in a home program emphasizing proprioceptive (balancing) exercises, stretching of the tight calf and Achilles tendon, taping of the foot and ankle to support the plantar fascia and provide additional bracing to the ankle with jumping and impact activities. People with flat feet are also more prone to rolling or spraining their ankles because of their increased flexibility.

A flatfoot can be rigid or flexible, however, in this discussion, we will discuss only flexible flatfoot, since it seems to be the most common presentation.
If you or your child has a flatfoot deformity, please make an appointment at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center in McKinney, TX and Prosper, TX. I decided to use a pumice stone to scratch the flat blisters away and this left visible pot holes so hopefully now someone can tell me what they think this is as I am baffled! This type of ankle sprain tends to reoccur with running, jumping, and sports activities limiting performance and causing ongoing injury.

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