Click on where you have pain to find out more information about this condition.Learn the definitions and causes and the treatments that will provide immediate relief. Cryosurgery has been used for decades to treat benign and malignant skin lesions along with numerous other conditions, including destruction of sensory nerves for pain relief. Although cryosurgery may prove to be an effective treatment for chronic heel pain in a select group of patients, very little research has been done to establish it’s efficacy. In this study, the researchers evaluated 137 patients with chronic heel pain who underwent cryosurgery after failing 6 months of conservative care.

The goal of the procedure is to destroy the nerves which supply sensation to the area of pain at the heel, a procedure called cryoneuroablation. The subject’s pain scores were measured prior to the procedure and at 3 weeks following the procedure and again at 24 months. Seventy-seven percent of patients reported successful pain relief at both 3 weeks and 2 years, while 23% failed to achieve pain relief. The authors concluded that cryosurgery was successful in both the short term and long treatment of chronic heel pain.

An earlier study on 59 patients with plantar fasciitis who had failed conservative therapy and underwent cryosurgery, reported statistically significant improvement in pain scores up to a year following the procedure.

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