Most of us have experienced a painful bout of low back pain brought on by a seemingly innocuous movement such as bending over to pick up a pencil or a dropped set of keys. Soreness can affect any part of the foot, but often it can be traced to the weight-bearing areas--the forefoot (ball), and the rear foot (heel). Use this tool to determine what condition(s) may be causing your foot pain or other symptoms, and which foot-health professionals might help.

According to the 2012 National Foot Health Assessment conducted by the NPD Group for the Institute for Preventive Foot Health, 61 percent of adults in the United States ages 21 and older (135 million people) have experienced foot pain, soreness or discomfort. Combined with fat pad loss, other physiological changes in the feet (weakening of muscles, loss of resiliency of tendons and ligaments, and spreading of the feet due to weight gain) make the feet more vulnerable to soreness and pain.

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