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Pain under foot arch and heel,cushion insoles for shoes,good shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis - 2016 Feature

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I have two pair of boots and both are causing inner foot pain around the inside of the heal. I would say I have high arches, but haven't experience lack of support issues in other activities. My thoughts are the heel pockets are not wide enough on these boots for my overall wide feet.
WAG is that your arch does not match either footbed, and you may need to be in a custom insole that can be built to perfectly mate with the bottom surface of your foot.
Many shops use footbeds in the belief they are some sort of panacea, when what they are is footbeds.
They must sit flat in the boot and be supported only by the boot board and not by the sides of the shell.
Then and only then do we place them into the liner and expect a tighter but same kind of easy fit in it.

But it seems to me although from pictures it seems you don't pronate much however it is hard to tell I'd guess the area of your arch that is bothering you is contacting the shell on each turn. Pull the liner and  place your feet in the shells with both shells parallel and lined up at the toe.
Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common running injuries seen in podiatric practice, and anyone who is on his or her feet a lot may also get this injury, such as nurses, teachers, hairdressers and shopkeepers.What happens is, for various reasons, the ligament under the foot (in the arch) called the plantar fascia gets strained or traumatised and becomes inflamed. The repetitive nature of long distance running, long standing, and excessive foot pronation (rolling in) may be major causes of this injury.
Long term a heel spur, which is a bony outgrowth under the heel, may develop in response to the excessive pull on the plantar fascia. The usual anti-inflammatory tabs may make the pain feel better but doesn’t really cure the injury.
I find adding some arch support or an orthotic into the shoe will help reduce the tensile stress on the fascial band, which helps healing.

A similar and related injury, called bruised heel syndrome, can also occur and feel like plantar fasciitis. The information and advice is meant as a guide only and is intended to be easily understandable to the lay person. While resting do some cross training to keep the fitness levels up and to keep you from getting depressed.

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