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Pain on the outside of the foot treatment,pro archia,otc ingrown toenail treatment - And More

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I have same issue, just got new shoes though and my hips were out of alignment recently - I also have knee pain on opposite leg so I am assuming it is recovery from the alignment situation. Yes thank you!  I also tried these out after a run today and it seems to have helped a lot!  Between these and the foam roller for my calves, I think I'm getting through this!
Do not put different weights on different foots because the balance alter alter and your right foot would have more strain so balance up your body weight equally on both the foots. Click on where you have pain to find out more information about this condition.Learn the definitions and causes and the treatments that will provide immediate relief. The peroneus longus, brevis and tertius muscles are located on the outer side of your leg between the knee and your anklebone. The red region indicates the likely pain pattern location you will experience from these muscles. This muscle creates similar pain patterns as the peroneus longus but often refers pain further along the side of your foot. By rotating your foot outward then pointing your toes you can see the contraction below the side of your knee.
These three muscles attach along your fibula, the thin bone on the outside of your lower leg. The muscle attaches to the base of the fifth metatarsal, the bump in front of your heel on the outside of your foot.
Using the Theracane Massager or a hand tool you can make short slow strokes to treat and deactivate the trigger points.
Pain is more on the bottom of my foot now but the shooting pain up my ankle only happens while running.

The peroneus brevis muscle also refers pain to the outside of the ankle but further down the side of the foot as well. The peroneus brevis muscle is found by feeling the contraction from lifting the pinkie toe side of your foot. You can also try laying on your side and using a ball to massage the muscle against the ground. Check out the trigger point page for details regarding treatment tips and techniques.The peroneus longus is longest and largest of the three muscles and also causes the most pain and stiffness.
The peroneus tertius refers pain to the front of your anklebone and the outside of the heel.
You can find your peroneus tertius muscle by lifting the same part of your foot and checking for the contraction just above and in front of your anklebone.
It was tender the rest of the day and then Sunday it was so swollen- (took picture next morning).
If your sprained ankle resulted in little or no swelling, or if you still have pain a long time after your injury you should definitely be suspicious of the peroneus muscles. Another way to distinguish this referred pain from damage from a sprain is to check the ankle. Now I'm supposed to rest and take pain reliever for inflammation and hope for the best with 2 races coming up next month. Now, don’t get too angry at these muscles, the trigger points they create are protective response.
Attached to the upper two thirds of the fibula serious tension or trauma on this muscle can cause stress fractures or breaks to the fibula bone.

From the top of the fibula the muscle runs down the side of the leg, around the back of the anklebone and wraps all the way under your foot to the first metatarsel. Ankle weakness and difficulty in raising your foot is likely a result of these trigger points.
This extreme jarring and stretch of the peroneus muscles causes a contraction to prevent a bone break or tear. Unfortunately the pain and stiffness of these trigger points can long outlast the original injury. The first metatarsel is connected to your big toe and 2,3,4,5 connect to their respective toes.
The peroneus longus muscle is used to point your foot and turn the bottom of your foot outward. This motion is repeated constantly while walking and because the muscle must contract and slowly release it is really working twice for each step. This heavy workload means that the peroneus longus muscle should be one of the first muscles you check to maintain healthy feet.

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