Experiencing inner ankle pain after running could be indicative of possible injuries or more serious ailments.
A pain in the inner ankle while or after running may not seem a matter of concern to many, while it may be so in a majority of cases. Slight or strong trauma in the ankle region is the most common cause why you may experience a shooting pain in your inner ankle.
More often than not, people do not realize the importance of wearing the appropriate shoes when they go running. Now that we know the possible causes for the pain, let's move on to the next step of finding out the best remedies to get some relief for it.
The most fundamental and the most underrated advice given is to simply rest the injured foot.
If you don't experience any relief even after using any of the treatments given above, then you must consult a physician for medical advice.
The two peroneal tendons(A tendon is a band if tissue that connects muscles to bone) in the foot run side-by-side behind the outer ankle bone. Ache above or below the outer ankle bone, which can happen during or after running, at night, or when you wake up in the morning. Using a NSAID’s (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) like Aleve or Advil can help ease the pain and reduce the swelling.
After placing the balls of your right foot on the step, hook the top of your left foot around the back of your calf. Question, it seems like I have this issue and the swelling is gone, the only thing is that there is a discomfort when stepping with my right foot. Regarding my foot, it was holding up and I was gaining confidence after every step until about half a mile.
This thread has been helpful, I have the same injury, the side of my foot has a fairly constant dull pain (only 2 or 3 out of 10, but it is there most of the time) and the tendon is also sore at the top, near the knee – so I am confident it is the tendon and not a stress fracture.
However, I had a fresh gait analysis done yesterday and my running style has changed quite a bit and they said I didn’t need trainers with such high arches in, I think my ongoing use of the (wrong) trainers, combined with increasing my miles in recent months has caused this injury.

I have been icing, stretching, having physio and even invested in an ultrasound machine and the injury is improving day by day, hopefully by the end of the week it will be well improved and give me more confidence about running with it. My ideal would be to run the marathon, then maybe take a week or two out of running to fully recover from the injury, but I dread the thought of any longer.
If doing intervals causes you pain, maybe you should back off of them for a bit until the pain subsides. In this article, we'll try to get to the bottom of the reasons why this pain may occur and also offer some effective treatments for it.
It is possible that during your run, you may have placed your foot in a manner that may have led to the twisting of the ankle. So, if you're experiencing pain in your inner ankle, especially after running, and you're sure you haven't twisted your ankle, then try a change of shoes.
The pain is a message sent by your body telling you to take it easy and not stress your injured ankle.
He will most probably advice you to take some anti-Inflammatory medication, most likely Ibuprofen, to ease the inflammation and reduce the pain. So far I've just been running Week 1 Day 1, and though I'm not getting winded and I feel like I still have strength left in my legs, I can't seem to finish my runs without getting a sharp pain running up the front of my leg, and extreme soreness on the inside bottom of my feet (area under the ankles). One peroneal tendon attaches to the outer part of the midfoot, while the other tendon runs under the foot and attaches near the inside of the arch. After bending your ankle so your toes point down, grasp your foot with your left hand and turn it so the sole of your foot points up.
Now the pain had gone up to my knee and I limp when I walk from the pain and limited in motion.
I just started running in New Balance Minimus (barefoot style shoes) and I feel great but for the ankle pain later in the day, and usually on into the next day. However, there may sometimes occur some instances when you may experience a shooting or stinging pain in your inner ankle after running for some time. These tendons are important because they balance the ankle and the back of the foot and prevent the foot from turning inwards repetitively.

I’m going to see a podiatrist tomorrow to find out how bad it is because I am running BOSTON in 3 weeks.
I feel the pain usually when I jump smash because lot of pressure has to applied on right leg to jump. Given below are some of the most probable causes why you may experience pain in your ankle after running. After you do this, place your foot in an elevated position and let it rest for a while till you feel better.
They are a bit weaker than the muscles and tendons on the inside of the ankle and are prone to injury as the ankle turns, rolls or becomes sprained.
Try wrapping some ice packs around the area of pain and prop your foot on some pillow and lay down for about 25 minutes at a time a couple times a day. I have been running for a while but unfortunately incurred this injury last week, of all the times. It was like running on a peg leg, but I jogged and limped my way to the finish line and it was a blast. I tried to do strength training every day to take a break from the running, but it was too boring doing the same every day. For the most part, the obstacles didn’t hold me back with my foot injury, it was more from trying to run and hike, especially on the down hills. It hurts when I walk after my workout, but after some stretching, I don’t feel the pain anymore. However, after trying the same Day 1 routine in my new shoes, the soreness and pain returned and this time it's more painful and lasting longer.
Hopefully it is not TOO bad since it does not hurt when running, only when I roll out or flex and roll out… But I do plan to REST until it is gone… I do not it to get worse and I do not want to run a marathon in pain!

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