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Exactly the same thing happened to me about two weeks ago, had joddy boots on but Che spooked whilst tied up and landed on my left foot, had a cool hoof print across the top of my foot and was v swollen and bruised. I was shaking with pain when it happened - just sat in yard with hose on my foot with horse looking at me with a 'where's my hay' look! I've broken toes before, also broken bones in my foot from being jumped on, but then again today, Kelly stood on me to scratch her leg and there's not a mark.

Sounds like you've broken or fractured a bone or two, so painkillers and try to rest it as much as possible! I had a semi-feral exmoor use my foot as a launch pad last summer, and it was mega-painful! I had my darling boy canter over my foot whilst I was wearing ugg boots (no safety lecture please, the pain taught me a lesson!) and he did a good job of squishing me!

There was a horrible crunch and foot sudddenly swelled up like a balloon, big toenail was snapped off and it was all utterly vile and very very sore.

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