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Additional info, i can do 30m sprint during pole vault practice without any pain on my feet ( only on my shin if i do enough running and jumping ). Tried walking today after a week on crutches and after awhile back to the same severe pain. I had what sounds like a similar feeling in my foot at the beginning of the season this past fall. I went to my school's trainer and he told me it was probably just a tendon strain and to take it easy since we had 3 weeks before the first race.

Consulting Dr Google with the search term "pain on outside bottom of foot" brought me to this post.
When they sprint (like when you said you ran pain free for 30m in pole vault run up) their form is pretty good. I visited the doctor and they said it was a sprain and they put me in a half cast and crutches. A Jones' Fracture is when the fifth metatarsal bone in the foot (pinky-toe bone) is fractured or broken.

The gal sold me the most expensive shoe in the place, said it was the best running shoe out there, Asics Gel Nimbus, IIRC. Feet have been fine now since 2007 (except for the &%^% abcess I just had drained yesterday).

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