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I'm having some minor (uncomfortable) pain in the outside top of my right foot (think around the inferior peroneal retinaculum or the inferior extensor retinaculum near the external malleolus). If you were already an avid runner before you started the barefoot thing, you have to remember that barefoot running is completely different.
You probably have an injury that will need some time to heal meaning stop wearing the vibrams until the pain stops. Once you feel that the problem is alleviated, you can restart your barefoot running program, but you should really limit the amount of time you spend running in the vibrams initially, and increase the time at a very slow rate. I know from personal experience that you can do major damage to your feet and ankles running when it doesn't feel that bad at the time.

If I keep my weight on the outside of my foot (on the side that hurts) it doesn't bother me hardly at all. According to Wikipedia this is "the most commonly sprained ligament," so there's a good chance that's your problem. Make sure you take enough rest time to let your injury recover, then I would suggest working up to running barefoot to prevent overuse injuries (sometimes use running shoes, sometimes use vibrams).
It would explain why weight on the outside of my foot doesn't hurt, since that would compress the ligament rather than stretch it.
I have changed shoes in the past few weeks to start running "barefoot" (with Vibram Bikila LS).

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