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I've been running for 11 weeks doing the Couch to 10K program, with 8-9 weeks of that being in Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS. The toes hurt in the area right around where the above image is marked "Toe cramps" and feel more numb and less painful toward the ends of the toes. Additional info, i can do 30m sprint during pole vault practice without any pain on my feet ( only on my shin if i do enough running and jumping ).
Tried walking today after a week on crutches and after awhile back to the same severe pain. I'm having some minor (uncomfortable) pain in the outside top of my right foot (think around the inferior peroneal retinaculum or the inferior extensor retinaculum near the external malleolus).
If you were already an avid runner before you started the barefoot thing, you have to remember that barefoot running is completely different.
You probably have an injury that will need some time to heal meaning stop wearing the vibrams until the pain stops. Once you feel that the problem is alleviated, you can restart your barefoot running program, but you should really limit the amount of time you spend running in the vibrams initially, and increase the time at a very slow rate. I know from personal experience that you can do major damage to your feet and ankles running when it doesn't feel that bad at the time. I have same issue, just got new shoes though and my hips were out of alignment recently - I also have knee pain on opposite leg so I am assuming it is recovery from the alignment situation.
Yes thank you!  I also tried these out after a run today and it seems to have helped a lot!  Between these and the foam roller for my calves, I think I'm getting through this!

I had an annoying pain in my foot that was sticking around and wouldn't go away for a long time, not directly caused by running long distances but certainly exacerbated by it. As I've steadily increased the amount of running in my workout, I've started experiencing toward the end of my workout (last 10 minutes or so) a semi-painful almost numbing sensation from slightly behind the base of my toes to the ends of the two toes nearest my big toe on my left foot only. Changing the distribution of weight on my foot as I run doesn't seem to help any with the pain once it starts.
It started out just noticeable for a bit after my run, but as of today it's a little tender even to walk. Make sure you take enough rest time to let your injury recover, then I would suggest working up to running barefoot to prevent overuse injuries (sometimes use running shoes, sometimes use vibrams).
While I had pressure over the top of my foot I experienced shin splints instead of pain directly on it, but it's definitely a good idea and very easy to implement. I'm not sure if it was the squats, the deadlifts or a combination of them that did it, but shortly after I started, the pain went away.
The pain goes away just a few minutes after my workout is completed and I've taken a short break. I've been wearing the Vibrams all evening and in the end I started to get a tingling sensation around my toes. Running and jumping increase the risk of metatarsalgia, and anything that increases impact on your feet makes it worse. One of the benefits of barefoot running is that it strengthens your ankles by strengthening the lower legs muscles that support them.

When they sprint (like when you said you ran pain free for 30m in pole vault run up) their form is pretty good.
I have changed shoes in the past few weeks to start running "barefoot" (with Vibram Bikila LS).
Pain is more on the bottom of my foot now but the shooting pain up my ankle only happens while running. I took care of it by just icing every day after a run.However, it could be a Jones' Fracture, which is much more serious. I imagine that running on high-impact surfaces like concrete would also increase your risk (grass and asphalt have more give). Now I'm supposed to rest and take pain reliever for inflammation and hope for the best with 2 races coming up next month.
I still feel some stiffness in that area after long runs, but I try to rest and I also apply ice and an anti inflammatory cream after long runs.

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