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Additional info, i can do 30m sprint during pole vault practice without any pain on my feet ( only on my shin if i do enough running and jumping ). Tried walking today after a week on crutches and after awhile back to the same severe pain. I had what sounds like a similar feeling in my foot at the beginning of the season this past fall.
Initially, there was the typical transitioning soreness to her calf muscles and feet which eventually went away, She began running in the New Balance Minimus trail shoe with a 4mm drop and eventually switched to the new Minimus Zero, and then select runs in Vibram FiveFingers, the Bikila model. I also transitioned from orthotics and cushioned running shoes to NB road minimus over a 3 month period starting in December. We recently spoke to a very medically informed running coach about this, re whether she should look to be coached to maintain perfect form. However I gave running a shot with the orthotics and it was almost the opposite, knees ankles shins u name it were sore after running. I have spent close to $1,000 in orthotics and shoes over those 5 years and I have always had back and foot pain at about the 2-3hr mark and I always pressed through it. After reading this I figured what is $100 more to try a pair on NB Minimus shoes, so I bought me a pair amd worked up to them slowly until I could wear them for 8hrs.

This device was added to a cushioned running shoe that was designed to control or stop motion to joints of the foot.
She has been running this way for over 10 years and had chronic low back pain and occasionally knee pain. Our game plan was to gradually reduce the time in her orthotics with each run until she was running all her runs without them. That picture of Julie’s feet may as well be mine, and similarly, minimalist running has been nearly miraculous. I was experiencing shin pain (shoes were worn out) and pain and alignment issues in my lower back. He even resorts to running bare-footed around our vicinity or in his crocs which he says feels more comfortable than shoes. When they sprint (like when you said you ran pain free for 30m in pole vault run up) their form is pretty good. The symptoms were attributed to running with her biomechanical deformity which she was told she will eventually lead to more severe problems to her knees. She began following my protocol of starting her runs inĀ  minimalist shoes and then switching back to her traditional running shoes for the remaining run.

She no longer had low back pain and even stopped stretching her hamstrings daily as it was no longer necessary because her back pain was gone. I took care of it by just icing every day after a run.However, it could be a Jones' Fracture, which is much more serious. I have probably used 2 years slowly running more in Vibrams, Merrell Trail Gloves and eventually my favorite shoe the Lemings because of the wide toe box.
He loves running and we are trying out 5km and 10km runs taking place in August and December respectively.
A Jones' Fracture is when the fifth metatarsal bone in the foot (pinky-toe bone) is fractured or broken. A year and a half ago I could show you a really flat foot but now it looks great and I have no problems running 15km in my Leming shoes.

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