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There are so many reasons for foot pain some of which have been discussed, but one may be the collapse of arches as the patient ages.
Being flatfooted is not a reason to get orthotics, pain from fallen arches may however be relieved by inserting orthotics or arch supports into appropriate shoes. The foot’s two arches are formed by the structure and design of the bones throughout the foot. The longitudinal arch is segregated into two divided segments, the medial and the lateral foot so to speak.
The width of the foot is known as the transverse arch and is created by the arrangement of the calcaneus, navicular, as well as the cuboid bones. Once the fallen arches are unlocked and restored, the four arches begin working together in unison, giving the pain-free, springy feeling back to your feet. Millions of people worldwide have found relief at Good Feet from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, back pain, sore and tired feet, bunions, flat feet, and ankle problems. Many people experience relief from pain immediately once they start using Good Feet arch supports.

Doctors and researchers agree that people can experience pain in their feet, legs, hips and back due to foot problems. It’s important to be professionally fitted for your arch supports because your shoe size is not the same as your arch size. Good Feet products were designed by an expert team of foot specialists and researchers, and are worn and recommended by physicians, chiropractors, and podiatrists. Common life occurences such as weight gain, previous sprained ankles, and improper shoes combined with hereditary factors, or even just time, can cause one or all of the four arches in the foot to partially collapse.
If your feet are not properly balancing your body weight, the rest of your skeletal structure can become misaligned. Buying drugstore or mail order arch supports that aren’t personally sized for your feet may be convenient, but they haven’t been personally fit to your feet, and can ultimately do more harm than good! Our arch supports are unlike anything else on the market and have even been awarded a patent. The arches have little rigidity and are known to flex appropriately when pressure is applied.

Pes planus, which is commonly called flat feet is caused by a weakened condition of the ligaments or tendons which hold the foot in its proper shape. When you wear Good Feet Arch Supports, your feet are more correctly aligned and your body weight more evenly distributed, which can relieve pain and pressure in your feet, knees, hips, even your back. Good Feet’s specially trained and certified arch support fitters will personally measure the length and width of your arches to help you choose the arch supports that best fit you and suit your lifestyle. Good Feet Arch Supports are the only products that are patented to properly align and support your feet in the ideal foot position.

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