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Both Peroneal longus and brevis muscles are present on the lateral side of the leg, while peroneal tertius is present on the anterior side. Both these muscles run on the lateral side of the leg; at the lower end these muscles convert into tendons, which run side by side, pass behind the outer bump of ankle. Both peroneal longus and brevis muscles bend the foot downward (plantarflexion) and twist it outward (eversion).
Just up the rise, behind the triumphant arch of Constantine, we could see the now familiar broken circle of the remains of the coliseum. We emerged into a small courtyard, at the top of the castle, where a statue of St., Michael the archangel, stands ready to protect all with his sword and shield. We walked slowly along the medieval streets, admiring the ancient framing and well preserved architecture.
The first wonder that we passed is Antonio Gaudi’s “Batlo House.” Built in 1906, it is several stories high and has a delightful facade of painted ceramic tiles. Then, we came to the sanctum sanctorum of architecture, the Cathedral of the Segrada Familia. The four seasons and many other symbols are represented in this flowing montage that is more enormous sculpture than architecture.
Its several tiers, all filled with open arches, even now reminds me of the many sports arenas we had visited.
The frescoes on the walls, the gilded and painted windows and the wealth of two thousand years held us in awe.

Portions of all three still existed and had been added to architecturally over the years in something the guide called “architectural lasagna.” It is a nIce turn of phrase. The painted frescoes and saints statues had replaced the many ancient and pagan deities that had once adorned the niches in the walls. One large center and two smaller flanking triangles, of painted Murano glass, project colorful scenes of the Virgin Mary. The guide wasn’t doing any hand flips over the architectural style and there didn’t appear to be any large crowds around on this, an Easter morning.
Gaudi offers a unique marriage of art and architecture that is elegant in composition and a delight to the eyes.
I could write several chapters on this elegant sandstone epiphany, but suffice it to say that it is a conceptual marriage of architect Antonio Gaudi, and painter Salvatore Dali. Inside, we followed the circular walkway that rose gradually up the 90 some feet into the air, to the castles battlements high above us.The ramp was designed to carry popes and caesars in coaches ,high above us, where they could be walled in from besieging marauders. The Monte Dei Pasche, a commercial banking syndicate of Siena, had also become the bankers for the papal states and collected both interest on their loans and outstanding debts for the popes for centuries. We walked about, enjoying the many artists who were painting alfresco portraits of the tourists, much like the Place du Tetre, behind Sacre Cour, in Paris.
Directly in front of the casino, and rising upwards to a level of the city some 50 feet above, are a series of terraced fountains and floral gardens all bedecked in colorful flags and pendants.
Along the many coastal areas, we noticed the old fishermen’s homes, that are painted in various bright Mediterranean pastels.

Looking out towards the fortress, on the very edge of the harbor, is a large stone arch built to commemorate French soldiers killed in the Orient. Across the small plaza, from the Cathedral, sits a more modern building with a huge painting by Picasso, on its facade. A smaller green-bronzed statue, of a maiden with her arms raised was erected, in front of the arch, to commemorate the French soldiers killed in North Africa. Unfortunately for us, both the Dali and the Picasso art museums were closed on that Easter Monday. No one had really ever substantiated the claim, but it made for great symbolism and interest both to the natives and the tourists.
In past ages, their duty had not been ceremonial in the many times that both Rome and the Vatican had been under siege, from some particularly surly invader bent on plunder and mayhem. The doctor offered me pain pills, but i advised that I would probably be drinking several glasses of wine for dinner.

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