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PostedDecember 28, 2013Yak56 I think I have pretty much tried every product out there, including one that a foot doctor gave me, and this one by far works the best!
PostedNovember 30, 2015Basilio This seems to work in theory and in practice - EXCEPT - it quickly loses the ability to stick to your innersole and to stay in place+1point1of 1voted this as helpful.Review 15 for Dr. I love to hike and after a couple of miles the ball of my foot would start burning and become very painful. I STARTED DEVELOPING BALL OF THE FOOT PAIN WHEN WEARING MY WORK SHOES TO THE POINT I COULD HARDLY WALK THE PAIN WAS LIKE WALKING ON ROCKS WITH NO SHOES ON. Because I tend to distribute weight on my forefoot, it aggravates the pain unless I use some sort of orthotic in my shoe. My main reason for the review was to comment that the things are darned near impossible to install into your shoes.
Scholl's Pro Pain Relief Orthotics does not stay where I place them to relieve the pressure from the ball of my feet. Arthritis Pain Relief Orthotics provide clinically proven pain relief in the knees, feet and hips due to osteoarthritis.

It does seem odd to me that this packaging is so difficult for people who have osteoarthritis, since that condition usually affects many joints. Pain Relief Orthotics for Ball of Foot were created for people who suffer from ball-of-foot pain caused by constant and excessive pressure to the area. I tried specialized medical supply store and there was nothing suitable for me to relieve the pain.
This cushion, when placed properly below the ball of my foot, really does redistribute weight so that pressure on that area is eliminated. Recently while shopping at a Big-K store, I was drawn to the footcare aisle where I came across a pair of PROs--for women. Hopefully after I finally was able to put the inserts into my shoes I will have some relief. They're designed to lift and separate the long bones of the arch, transferring pressure away from the ball of foot area. I have tried most ball of foot cushioning that I have come across and this one is the BEST that I have found so far.

Suggest you put some sort of major adhesive on them to ensure they stay in place or make them 1 piece with the balls of the feet pads on the one piece.
They fit in my ballet flats but push my foot just a little bit too far up to be comfortable. The pain was causing me to walk funny and I had to abandon my go-to summer flip flops for good.
After a week of elk hunting in the mountains of Wyoming, using the insert in my hunting boots, I was pleasantly surprised that I was relatively pain free while I was hunting and in the evenings (which was usually my most painful time).
I have a desk job, but even walking the dog was becoming painful, so I was resigned to go see my podiatrist, and get that boot. These cushion the ball area perfectly, and I can put the same pair in different shoes (commuting shoes, work shoes, etc.) as long as I don't remove the adhesive strip protector.

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