Orthopedic research studies have concluded that inexpensive off-the-shelf orthotics are more effective for relieving heel and arch pain due to over-pronation than costly custom-made insoles , potentially resulting in significant health care savings for a large segment of the population. We conclude that, when used in conjunction with a stretching program, a prefabricated shoe insert is more likely to produce improvement in symptoms as part of the initial treatment of proximal plantar fasciitis than a custom polypropylene orthotic device. Many podiatrists and foot care specialty stores recommend expensive custom-made orthotics costing several hundreds of dollars for patients suffering from heel and arch pain due to plantar fasciitis and other common foot problems.

The Footminders product line includes prefabricated orthotic insoles designed to correct biomechanical imbalances of the foot such as over-pronation due to flat feet or fallen arches.
Orthotics can also be used to alleviate limb length discrepancies that could lead to back and hip ailments. A custom orthotic device is fabricated based on a mold, or model, of the user’s affected body part.

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