Our Custom-Made Activity Specific Shoe Orthotic is an amazing aid that can heal a number of ailments plaguing areas from the feet to the neck with every step you take. The other great advantage of our running orthotics is that they are semi-rigid which means they are made of the same rubber that is commonly found in the midsole of running shoes.
Doctors Orthotics, Announces A Free Gait Analysis For Custom Running Orthotics At The Marine Corps Marathon, Along With Discounts On Its Custom Running Orthotics. Doctor’s Foot Laboratories has 32 years experience as one of the nations’ leading orthotics laboratories!
So with this post, I hope to share my feedback on Week One with my new orthotics and answer some common questions!!
Since picking my new orthotics up and fitting them into my shoes to wear, I have gotten used to the feeling very quickly.
So with orthotics in, and my training hopefully back to normal over the next few weeks…I will continue to update you on how I feel.

We reassess the orthotic after one month of activity to see if any minor changes need to be made at no additional charge. Because Sport Orthotics are not designed for your dress shoes. Most people do not like to move their orthotics from shoe to shoe. Custom-fit orthotics are exactly that…specifically made, measured, and fit to your feet. Rudnick this question and he explained that while some people can get away with store-bought orthotics, it’s not the norm. We need to know what the problem is and what activity we need to keep you in by adding an orthotic to your treatment. We prescribe foot orthotics for Orthopedists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists worldwide.
Rudnick suggested I only wear the orthotics for a few hours at a time the first few days – until I get used to them.

This is done in a seated position in order to capture what the structures of the foot “look like” so that we can create an orthotic to match. So while I did this at first, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed wearing them and ironically switched from wearing sandals everywhere to putting on my sneakers (with orthotics fit inside of course).
Rudnick suggested them – having worked on my foot numerous times and seen the results of nearly two decades of running on an extremely high arch. Most Insurance Providers cover Custom Shoe Orthotics – ask The FIX staff to check if yours is one of them.
Doctors’ Foot Laboratories does all the rest to provide you with custom mold-fitted Doctors’ Foot Labs Custom Orthotics direct from the laboratory.

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