By aligning your feet correctly, prescription orthotics reduce the stress on the body caused by running, walking or even just standing for long periods of time.
If you suffer from bunions, hammer toes, arch pain, heel pain or regular localised foot pain then get in touch and we can give you advice on how orthotics could be helping you, too. At Physio4Life every orthotic we prescribe is uniquely shaped to follow the contours of your feet so that our footwear works in harmony with your body. The foot's movement when running is very different to the foot's movement when striking a tennis ball and hence a running shoe differs from a tennis shoe. Profeet Comfort Insole Pre formed and come in 3 arch heights and just need trimming to fit the shoe. Use specific designs of Transflux (heat-mouldable, resin impregnated, glass-fiber) for their Customisable Chassis and further Transfluxreinforcement for the Stabiliser. Made by our in-house Podiatrist and external orthotics laboratories using traditional laboratory methods and using rigid materials such as carbon fibre. To purchase custom made orthotics you will need to see a podiatrist or a biomechanics specialist who will examine your feet, take specific measurements and then use computer scanning equipment or make a plaster cast of your foot so that your individual orthotics can be made in an orthotics lab. To purchase ready made or over the counter insoles or orthotics I recommend Superfeet insoles like the Superfeet DMP insoles below.
I am registered with the Health Professions Council, the regulatory body for health professionals and I have been treating feet for over 20 years.

For further information about my chiropody practice see my practice website where you will find lots of tips and information. Orthotics can reduce stress on the body, protect against injuries and even improve performance by correcting the alignment of your feet.
All of our custom built insoles are manufactured from memory flex plastic by TOG – the world leader in orthotic foot insoles.
With so many muscles, bones, joints and ligaments making up the foot, plus the different shapes and sizes and different patterns of movement, no standard off-the-shelf shoe can possibly be right for all feet. They use different materials to both support and work with the foot, they are sport specific and are suitable for light use, temporary use or for anyone who is injury free.
Shock Absorption and Forefoot Propulsion materials and a comfortable top surface are then added.
These insoles are 100% custom made and a minimum of an initial and a follow up appointment with our podiatrist is required along with a 2-3 week lead time for manufacture. For custom running orthotics in Kent and the South East make an appointment to see me – Sue Ferguson, Podiatrist. Custom made orthotics are specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual patient. I spent the first part of my life waiting for the Internet to be invented and now it's here I want to share my enthusiasm about feet with you all.

TOG orthotics maintain their shape and improve your gait, whether you exercise once a month or once a day.
Book an appointment with the biomechanical assessment and orthotics clinic at Physio4Life and we can fit you for custom built insoles called orthotics to take the pain out of your exercise routine and allow you to push yourself harder than ever. Orthotics can even make the transfer of energy through your feet more efficiently when running or cycling, helping you to optimise your performance.
While sports shops now regularly offer gait analysis in helping customers choose running shoe or cross trainer, they are not able to offer the accuracy of testing or the personalised prescription you need to ensure the perfect fit. Orthotics are inserts which you wear inside your shoes to slightly change the way you walk and run. Common running injuries include shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, chondromalacia patella, iliotibial band friction syndrome, plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia.

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