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One of the recent reviews (1) looking at all the evidence for orthotics in the treatment of PFS, sometimes called Runners Knee, found little difference between the groups given orthotics and those given flat insoles which were supposed to do nothing.
The difference with this small study and the previous review is that the runners were analysed much more carefully. You can spend a fortune on a custom made orthotic and except in rare cases it is completely un-necessary. This entry was posted in Knees and tagged chiropractor, common knee problems, insoles, knee cap, knee pain, orthoses, orthotics, patella, pronation, runners knee. Realigning the foot with some type of running shoe orthotic insert is absolutely necessary to control these running injuries. The studies that have been done are often of poor quality and come up with conflicting results for all sorts of treatment and this can be confusing not only if you are a runner looking for something to help but also if you are a physio or a chiropractor treating these common knee problems. Their feet, ankles and knees were measured and an orthotic prescribed if they had the right sort of problem. Other trials comparing custom made orthotics, often costing several hundred pounds, with much cheaper off-the-peg versions fail to show a difference in the outcome of symptoms.
A comparison of rearfoot motion control and comfort between custom and semicustom foot orthotic devices.

The problem is the traditional orthotic will control pronation, but will actually increase stress or impact to the knee.
The patella must track vertically up and down the patella groove to allow for pain free walking.
EZ Orthotics running shoe inserts are used to minimize subtalar pronation by preventing the knee from rolling medially causing the tracking the problem. The pain can be severe enough to stop runners going out but also occurs in other sports people and non-sports people alike.
The authors concluded that orthotic or orthoses as they called them may have had a significant effect. If you have over-pronation and it is contributing to PFS then you may respond well to the correct orthotic. So even if you don’t have faith that they might work for you it is worth giving them a try but only if you over-pronate. EZ Orthotics are the only running shoe orthotic insert on the market that will control pronation as well as reduce shock and impact and provide one of the best shock absorbers available. The pain begins with excess pronation as the knee rolls inward causing the patella to track medially in the groove.

Our high success rate of over 13 years for this type of injury allows us to allow the exclusive money back warranty. If you have PFS from another cause, a weak thigh muscle for instance an orthotic will be a waste of time. This is followed by increased stress to the knee as it rolls inward also leads to patellar femoral type of pain.
Runners describe this type of pain as a diffuse, hard-to-localize pain around (and often underneath the surface of) the patellar or kneecap. In this case, we now have two bony surfaces, causing increased friction on each other leading to the runner’s knee type of pain. For example some of the patients were only 12 years old and the study was not a randomised controlled trial.
Orthotics restore your natural walking and running patterns and are an extremely important part in the prevention and long-term solution of many problems in the feet, legs and hips.

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