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Orthotics for plantar fasciitis and morton's neuroma,sore balls of feet,shoe inserts for heel pain uk - Plans On 2016

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Custom orthotic solutions providing you with pain relief from your feet, knees and lower back. Your neighborhood foot orthotics company is now available to you online! We also have a new location in Safety Harbor, FL. Contact us today to request your measuring kit using the form below or call us at 978-774-0473.

Morton’s Neuroma is an inflammation of the Plantar Nerve that runs between the Metatarsal Bones of the 3rd and 4th toes. This inflammation is normally due to the wearing of tight shoes which cause the Metatarsal bones to rub on the Plantar Nerve. The dynamic fluid chamber lifts and separates the Metatarsal bones keeping them from rubbing the Plantar Nerve.

In combination, these two elements assure maximum circulation and attacks and eliminates the pain from Morton’s Neuroma.

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