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An ideal orthotic shoe insert for preventing and alleviating foot pain and discomfort associated with wearing fashion footwear. These prefabricated orthotics are designed with a very slim design so they will work with most high heels and flats. To achieve a customised orthotic, ICB Orthotics should be heated on the plantar surface only and fitted by the practitioner - this will ensure optimium patient treatment results.
If it is so obvious why patients with flat feet need orthotics, it must be somewhat illogical that patients with high, or very high arches, would also need orthotics. The actual science that supports the belief that high arched feet need orthotics, is more complicated than you or your physician might imagine. Patients with very high arched feet require correction levels  27-5.5 or above before clinical improvement is observed. These orthotics are modified for Heel Spur Syndrome by offering a custom heel cutout built directly into your orthotics. Go ahead and place your order and rest assured that you are ordering the correct orthotics for your needs.
Upon placing your order, one of our orthotic specialists will call you to discuss your orthotic needs. Foot Orthotics and Orthotic Insoles - UK's largest selection of foot orthotics, insoles and components. We are experiencing some temporary technical difficulties with our telephony system and profusely apologise for any inconvenience if you have tried to contact us.
Slimflex Simple Full Length Orthotics are neutral EVA Foot Orthotics prescribed by NHS practioners.

Slimflex Simple Full Length Orthotics are a neutral EVA Foot Orthotic prescribed by NHS practioners. Slimflex Kinetic Orthotic Insoles are ideal for feet that require additional control and stability. We specialise in Podiatry & Physiotherapy products and stock a wide range of orthotics & insoles, together with general footcare products. The CAST design incorporates three critical factors that an orthotic must have in order to be effective. Second, the orthotic must make full contact with your entire foot in this position in order to have the mechanical power and efficiency to control your foot.
Third, the orthotic must be rigid enough to maintain this corrected position against your weight and gravity, and yet flexible enough to be comfortable upon impact with a typical concrete floor. The ultra-slim, tapered profile fits in most women’s fashion shoes including high heels, wedges, pumps, boots, sandals and more! Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 you have a right to cancel your contract at any time up to 7 working days after the day of delivery for any unused item purchased from our website. Suffice it to say that high arched patients do eventually benefit from orthotics, ONLY with much more correction than the patients with flat feet, and much later on in life. Jarrett, Twenty years ago, you treated me for Pes Cavus, with stage 4 (37 degree) urethane orthotics. If you’re not sure which orthotics are best for you simply fill out our Orthotics For Heel Spurs Profile. That is how you can appreciate the difference between Custom Arch Support Technology (CAST) orthotics and other types of orthotics.

First, orthotics must capture the properly corrected position of your foot: as high an arch as your foot can make with heel and forefoot flat on the ground. New materials were discovered that could offer the right blend of rigidity and flexibility for every individual foot, and calibrated to deliver the proper force for your feet. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
When he first came to me he wore a pair of hard plastic prescription orthotics from his previous podiatrist, during most all weight bearing activity. These ultra-thin lightweight orthotics are ideal for the woman who love to wear heels daily without cramping or bulking in your heels. You can also contact us via Live Help, e-mail, or Ask The Doctor and one our Orthotics Experts will call you directly. Extra cushioning under the ball of the foot alleviates pressure for increased comfort and protection. Made of high density polypropylene materials, have semi-rigid or rigid bio-mechanical control. We prescribe foot orthotics for Orthopedists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists worldwide.
He is a perfect example of how all patients with high arched feet get improved function and less pain with every 5 additional degrees of Theta correction up to 37 degrees.

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