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An easy way to check to see if you might have flat feet is to walk barefoot in sand or with wet feet on a dry piece of paper. Those with flat feet often experience excessive pronation of the foot, where weight shifts to the inside of the sole, and the ankle rolls inward. Flat feet are called as fallen arches as well, mostly observed in children which continues to adulthood. Flat feet can be developed in any stage of our life whether it is childhood, adulthood or even a newborn baby.
During childhood, the appropriate tendons that form a normal arch in the foot tighten, which pull the arches upward.

Apart from this there are some more reasons which lead to flat feet, such as excess use of high heels, abnormality during birth, using poor arch shoes, nerve problems etc. Your doctor may prescribe you some other treatments as well, depending upon the severity of your flat feet. In some cases, this maturation simply doesn’t happen, resulting in the arch collapsing and forming a flat position. These tendons in the lower legs including ligaments in the feet pull together to form a curve in the feet. Some of the treatments are to use insoles for flat feet to manage the arch and heel of the feet, to decrease the pain and swelling ice and compression, physical therapy, painkiller medications, stretching exercise on daily basis without fail, using proper shoes to provide support to the arch of the feet etc.

If you have flat feet then the chances are that the doctor will prescribed insoles for flat feet. Orthotics restore your natural walking and running patterns and are an extremely important part in the prevention and long-term solution of many problems in the feet, legs and hips.
So before buying any insole for flat feet satisfy yourself completely and then proceed with purchasing procedure.

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