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Chondromalacia (of Greek origin meaning “softening of the cartilage”) is a degenerative cartilage condition wherein the cartilage on the back of the patella (knee cap) is irritated and painful because it rubs against the medial femoral condyle. Patients complain of dull, aching pain leading to sharp localized pain in the front of the knee, particularly while going up or down stairs and hills. Low back pain can be present for several different reasons such as muscle spasms, misalignment, pinched nerves and or bulging discs.  Internal organs such as the kidneys can refer pain to the lower back and more rarely a tumor or lesion can cause back pain.
Chiropractors treat the neuro-musculo-skeletal causes of lower back pain and through history and examination (including x-rays if needed) determine the cause of the pain and best treatment for you. High Plains Podiatry specializes in custom orthotic prescription and biomechanical gait evaluation. Custom orthotics work to align the feet and body posture to their correct position and restore the lower limb's natural angle. Achilles tendonitis is a condition wherein the Achilles tendon, at or near its insertion to the posterior aspect of the calcaneus, becomes inflamed and causes pain. Patients complain of severe aching or burning pain felt in the back of the heel, which increases with passive dorsiflexion and resisted plantarflexion, such as rising up onto the toes. Over pronation (Collapsing of the arch of your foot) is believed to be caused by the flat surfaces that we walk on (your foot is designed to work best over rougher more natural terrain than the pavements we tend to walk on today). Correcting foot alignment and function is an imperative stage in treating and improving pain resulting from poor foot biomechanics.
Treating the cause of your symptoms as well as the tissues that are inflammed and producing pain is the often the most effective way of curing your problem. Chiropractors in Caerphilly nr Cardiff help you with lower back pain, neck pain, joint pain and muscle strain.

With Precision Chiropractic you can benefit from a highly personal chiropractic approach that is also very effective for neck and shoulder pain and arm and leg pain and aims to provide you with improved function throughout your daily life and long term relief. All have the goal of improving foot function and minimizing stress forces that could ultimately cause inefficient biomechanics and pain.
In the past orthotics shoes were designed purely to aid the foot, this of course must be the prime goal but, the actual look of the shoes was pretty ugly.
Orthotics shoes will contain a biomechanical foot bed and durable outer sole to alleviate pains to joints and feet and also to realign the foot and positively affect posture and gait along with easing pressure. There are stockists all across the country that now have shoes to suit orthotics, more and more are being designed and made to suit the growing demand from people with foot problems.
Boots stock orthotic shoes on their website for men and women for just ? 19.99, although not the most stylish of footwear they are practical and can help in support, realignment and help to ease postural pain in the feet, back, knees and legs. Big name brands such as Nike and Reebok are now designing and selling running shoes with orthotic inserts to aid in exercise and activities. An abnormal walking pattern (over-pronation) may cause the thigh and lower leg to rotate out of sync causing misalignment of the lower extremity.
At Yaletown Orthotics we take great efforts in the custom design which is unique to each patient and foot, the materials used and the accuracy of the orthotics we produce. This can cause stress to other parts of the foot and create pressure on other joints such as the ankle, hip, knee and lower back. Due to the look of the shoes many people were opting for orthotic insoles to fit inside their regular shoes. The internet contains a wealth of stores that offer shoes and other foot care products such as orthotic insoles.

They also have a great range of walking and hiking boots, casual and formal shoes for both sexes in great styles designed to suit the needs of orthotics users and with free delivery. The resulting counter rotation of the femur and the tibia causes the patella to rub against the medial femoral condyle instead of moving smoothly up and down in its normal track, causing pain and damage to the cartilage, leading to chondromalacia. Poor foot function as well as causing pain to joints can lead to other foot problems such as bunions, hammer toes and cause corns and callouses.
Physical activity is important to your health, and foot pain can prevent you from getting the workout your body needs. Wearing orthotic shoes which are specially designed to help realign the foot and improve function, can ease pain and relieve pressure caused to soft spots through poor distribution. It is recommended that the patient be fitted with orthotics to control the down-and-in movement of the talus and maintain proper alignment, relieving the stress on the Achilles tendon.
The patient should be fitted with orthotics and will likely experience pain relief within weeks and complete recovery within months (generally 2 – 3 months). The resulting counter rotation of the femur and the tibia causes a shearing force to occur in the Achilles tendon. This counter rotation twists the tendon at its weakest area, namely the Achilles tendon itself, and causes the inflammation.

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