The finished Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics are then placed in the patient's footwear and helps maintain the feet in their proper alignment. TEMPUR-PEDIC Neck Pillows - designed to give support to the natural curve created by your head, neck and shoulders. Chondro-Relief, helps maintain normal joint strength and flexibility by effectively supporting cartilage integrity. Normally we don’t think about getting shoe inserts but some of us have bad feet and should consider what a custom-made foot orthotic can do for you.
I share this personal story because I brought the technology to the Philippines and have checked lots of feet over the past year only to find that Asians have terrible feet. One patient was bragging how she need to buy new shoes now because after suffering all these years with bad feet that always were swollen and often painful, her foot shrunk to normal and all her shoes are too large for her now. This entry was posted in Fitness Health, Product Review and tagged Back Pains, custom foot orthotics, Exercise, Foot Levelers Asia, orthotics, Posture. Stabilizing Orthotics help to stabilize, balance and maintain proper foot structure and function. Compare the difference between generic arch supports and Stabilizing Orthotics by Foot Levelers. Foot Levelers Spinal-Pelvic Stabilisers are specialised custom-made foot orthotics designed to stabilise the foundation of the pelvis and spine by first addressing structural problems with the feet, thereby reducing abnormal forces and stresses, while enhancing structural and functional relationships within the body.

The scan duplicates any structural misalignment, stresses or abnormal forces in the feet and in turn, is used to calculate corrections, compensation and stabilisation of the patient's problem. Arch supports, through Foot Levelers helps decrease postural stress and pain throughout the body. Nutritionally support cardiovascular, nervous system, musculoskeletal, and immune system health and help maintain healthy triglyceride levels. A grateful and enthusiastic patient, I dropped everything and spent the next 5 years completing my unfinished college and a chiropractic degree. Foot Levelers is a 60-year-old USA company and they make all their orthotics in America and ship them to us here in Manila ready to fit into our patients’ shoes. Charles Myers and I have been treating lower back pain and related conditions for over 33 years. That's why Stabilizing Orthotics are specifically designed for you based on the impression of your feet. If your feet are not functioning correctly, the stress is transmitted to your pelvis and spine.
But I still had weakness in the injured part of my lower back, the sacral joints and pain would easily return… that is until I graduated and ran across Foot Levelers and their custom foot orthotics. Like most of my patients I understand you too may be confused about which orthotics you need.

That’s why Stabilizing Orthotics are individually designed for you based on your foot scan and lifestyle.
Height, weight, shoe size, and daily activity level are factors that are applied to making your Stabilizing Orthotics. At present my company is the exclusive service provider for the Foot Leveler Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers in the Philippines. The more intense your activity the more shock absorption needed.Stabilizing Orthotics come with special absorbing material called Zorbacel and Propacel that help to absorb much of the shock and reduce fatigue and lessen joint stress.
By stabilising and balancing your feet, Foot Levelers orthotics enhance your body’s performance and efficiency (posture), reduce pain, and contribute to your total body wellness. This blog is really not about advertizing but how do I tell people about this terrific solution and not tell them where to get it. Our Foot Levelers Spinal-Pelvic Stabilisers compliment your chiropractic treatment when you stand, walk, and live your active life.

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