By the age of forty, most people could benefit greatly from foot adjustments and orthotics due to accumulated stress and trauma to their feet and body. The closer a foot control mechanism is made to your true normal foot, (each joint gliding through its normal range and directing shock correctly in its proper sequence), the more efficiently an orthotic can assist in that process. Most of these problems can be avoided or corrected by conservative care through correct shoe dynamics, foot adjustments, (realigning of the bones for normal function), foot orthotics, or specialized shoes.
This results in joint pain of the feet due to altered loading of fewer joint of the feet sharing the load while walking, running, or jumping.

By the age of fifty, most people need some form of pain relief for the ache in their feet, knees, hips, and low back.
Orthotics are custom built for your foot, taking into account your body’s individual needs.
A natural approach to solving these problems of foot pain and dysfunction are becoming the treatment of choice.
This leads to knee, hip, and low back pain that becomes chronic and does not respond very well under care until this is corrected.

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