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This pair of Extra Firm, size 13 to 14.5 Trio Full Length Orthotic Insoles are contoured for navicular and 1st ray function. This pair of size 12 to 14 Elevate Full Orthotic Insoles are well designed and highly effective orthotics with a heat mouldable design. The Trio Foot Orthotic Insoles are contoured to improve the ability of the medium arch foot to function correctly and eliminate pain. This clever characteristic allows these insole to be heated, using instructions provided, and then shaped to fit the user's feet.
These Elevate Full Orthotic Insoles provide the opportunity to actively control foot posture by modifying the pressure distribution under the foot.

Fitted with an anti-bacterial top cover and deodorizer ensures maximum levels of hygiene are reached when wearing the Trio Orthotic Insoles. This is achieved by use of each insole's anatomical shape as well as their wonderfully supportive padding. These are the Extra Firm Orthotic Insoles designed for optimal control and are exceptionally hard wearing for longevity. Designed to follow the natural curvature of the foot, these insoles can also be used in conjunction of forefoot arch pads to provide extra stability and to strengthen the weaker parts of the foot.
A heel elevator or medial post can also be fixed to the underside of each of these insoles.

These insoles are full length models with dual type density and are designed to fit size 12 - 14 shoes. Please note that Elevate Full Orthotic Insoles are also available in other sizes, lengths and densities in this section of our shop.

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