Metatarsalgia can be described as a condition in which you experience pain in the balls of your foot or under your metatarsals. Check Cut-Outs in the Accommodations section of the prescription order form and mark the cut-out on the cast.
Accurately circle the area needing the cut-out on the foot diagram on the prescription order form.

Podiapro’s orthoses for metatarsalgia correct over-pronation in the foot and also have soft medical grade poron under the metatarsals to offload weight from the region. If shoes allow, we also fit a metatarsal bar that further offloads weight from the metatarsal heads and brings relief from pain and allows for healing.
Over the last decade, our company has been guided by one singular mission: to work closely with our clients to develop custom orthotic solutions that actually improve the patient’s quality of life.

Over pronation insoles
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