Mozaic Orthotic inserts from Aetrex are designed to provide comfort and support so you can feel great on your feet at all times. All of the Orthaheel orthotics incorporate a 4 degree rear foot intrinsic (inbuilt) posting, the exception being the Slimfit which has a 2 degree rear foot intrinsic posting.
Washing instructions: Orthaheel inserts must not be put in the washing machine or submerged totally in water. Better Through BiomechanicsBiomechanically designed orthotic inserts are an easy way to help prevent the misalignment and imbalance that can occur in unsupported feet. Orthotic inserts, however, are designed to actually correct the function of the mobile parts of your body.

Many manufacturers of shoe insoles claim that they will relieve your pain and offer arch support, but Orthera orthotic inserts are biomechanically engineered to keep you running faster, walking longer, and living free of pain.
Think of Orthera's orthotic inserts as a comparable, affordable alternative to expensive prescription orthotics at a fraction of the price. As sold at Costco these Orthera Orthotics are the same, high quality, medically engineered insoles. At Orthera, we have created affordable scientifically built orthotic inserts that make feet happy. Orthera orthotic inserts instinctively fit into your shoes to help control the amount that your foot flattens.

We have used years of knowledge and experience gained from building custom orthotics to create inserts that provide comfort from common ailments. Based on your istep scan, you can optimize your Aetrex Orthotics with patented Mozaic® Customization Technology.

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