Based on years of biomechanical research, Footminders orthotics were developed by podiatrists (foot specialists) to provide longitudinal and metatarsal support and to correct posture and body biomechanics. When I initially put your inserts into my shoes, they felt a bit strange, especially in my arches. Just wanted to let you know that I’m so excited about my new orthotics from Footminders.

Footminders orthotic insoles greatly reduce over-pronation, preventing foot strain and injury and providing excellent walking comfort.
After a few days, now that my feet are used to these orthotics, the cradling comfort is just fantastic! In addition, foot orthotics ensure our weight is more evenly distributed over the foot, taking pressure of sore spots – especially in the heel and ball of foot areas.

The orthotics and stretching exercises seem to work very well for me and the pain has almost disappeared!

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