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I have had a couple of shoes built up over the years and without a doubt American Heelers has done a great job.
This size lift for sure helps me walk and without a noticeable limp and I never get back pain from it. I have personally been using American Heelers for several years for a variety of shoes and have been extremely happy with the quality of work that has been done. I have had four different shoes lifted (non-slip work shoe, running shoe, dress shoe, and casual shoe) and I couldn’t be happier! The craftsmanship is excellent, the product has tripled the life of my shoes which has saved us a lot of money. The common school of thought amongst physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic surgeons when it comes to how much of a leg length difference to compensate for is very consistent.

I JUST GOT MY SHOES BACK FROM YOUR COMPANY AND AM REALLY PLEASED WITH YOUR QUALITY WORKMANSHIP! My local shoe guy who does them said he couldn’t do it as the sole was too thin-but it looks and feels great. I only have one comment and that is the altered shoe seems to fit a little bit bigger after the procedure.
Excellent quality of work, much better that two local shoemakers at close to the same price. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO WEAR THE ADJUSTED SHOES AND GET SOME RELIEF FROM MY LEG LENGTH DISCREPANCY. It’s necessary to put heel pads and cushions in that shoe to accomodate for the size difference.

Would 100% recommend to anyone who needs lift to fix LLD or for that mater anyone who needs an excellent shoe cobler! I am so very satisfied with the job of modifying my first shoe that I will be getting more done soon.
You did not notice that anything was done to the shoe unless you were really looking and knew it was done. Most of the time I choose to wear my work shoes outside of work because they are so comfortable and it’s much easier to walk in them.

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