Shoe LiftA shoe lift is the addition of crepe (soling material) to a shoe for the purpose of increasing the shoe's overall height or to wedge the shoe in some direction.
The Dorsiflexion Assist AFO is commonly used in patients with drop foot— the limited ability or inability to lift the foot (dorsiflex) at the ankle joint. There are two types of lift; a removable lift that fits inside the shoe, under the insert and a lift that is actually attached to the outsole of the shoe.

The standard DUAFO design consists of two metal uprights (aluminum or steel) attached to a stirrup (solid or split) which is attached to the sole of a shoe. Shoe lifts are used in the treatment of leg-length discrepancy (LLD), or to increase the roll of the shoe in patients with limited ankle movement due to a brace or otherwise. This brace is worn inside of a shoe, which may require a larger size or extra depth shoe.

All leather components can be made to closely match the attached shoe and metal components can be powdercoated almost any color, or simply polished.

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