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We are well aware of the power of shoe inserts and the huge positive impact it can make on your spine and vertebrae.
For instance, Morton’s neuroma, or a type of nerve problem in the foot, is treated through the use of an orthotic that spreads the bones of the foot. Fortunately, this is an easy fix, but it can often take several tests, such as a gait test, to determine that leg length is the problem affecting your back.
The solution for most of these problems is an orthotic insert to correct the foot issue that affects gait. Merely increasing the height of your heel on one side could lead to further back pain if you the lengths are not precisely compensated for. Orthotics for flat feet and overpronation do not have to be nearly as precise as leg length orthotics.
From these measurements, they create a plastic insert that is molded to your specific requirements.

Since our philosophy is to use the least invasive methods first, we can refer you to orthotics specialists that can help you analyze your specific walking gait and create a custom orthotic for your foot. Orthotics is a booming industry, and it comprises the inserts you see at the grocery store, custom fitted inserts, and custom made shoes.
This is usually applied to the shorter leg, and it compensates for the differences in length, no matter how small. Usually, over the counter inserts that have a strong arch support can help to overcome both of these conditions.
For instance, the molded plastic orthotic will increase the arch in your foot to a precise height. We can evaluate your back for other problems, such as disc herniation or misaligned vertebrae, and help you decide if orthotics will help you. Heel and stretching, medication to reduce swelling of the soft tissues in your foot and shoe inserts are quite helpful.

For more persistent or serious foot and back problems, it may be medically necessary for an orthotic that is custom made for your foot and your condition. When you walk to compensate for flat feet, it can cause problems with your hips and lower back. These inserts usually have to be custom made because they are based on the precise length of your legs and help you to reach the optimal length.
You will need a prescription from your doctor – either primary care or a podiatrist – to receive one of these orthotics, and they are usually covered by health insurance for treatment resistant cases. I'd say you have nothing to lose and I doubt using the pads would be bad if your really have a morton's toe.

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