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The Nike Air Max 90 EM has the advantage of being constructed in the featherweight, extremely breathable Engineered Mesh. I just saw those shoes a few days ago in pink & I was debating on whether to get them or not! The Air Max 90 Premium CMFT EM takes it to another level, as just like the AF1 CMFT series with its LunarLon insert, these have a unique new insole addition.

I was pretty nervous about what the response would be: after the madness of the Missoni event, I was worried that old ladies would be breaking down the doors and shoving everything in sight into their carts to resell on Ebay.
I seriously have not experienced gym shoes as comfortable before…they feature an extremely thick gel insole.
The XS fit me across the shoulders just right, which did not happen for a lot of the other items. Thankfully, with a 20% off coupon and a gift card for Sports Authority, Justin and I picked up some wrap for his tennis racket, a cover for his driver, some new gloves for weightlifting for me, and a new pair of shoes: all for $55 total out of pocket!

We dug into a roasted salsa with goat cheese dip, guacamole, mini turkey meatballs, and a vegetable tray.
Definitely a funky way of punching up an already comfortable sneaker, so check out the photos below and head to your local Nike Sportswear retailer now because they released not long ago.

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