Women's NIKE AIR ZOOM STRUCTURE 19 :: Like a good friend, the newly updated Women's Nike® Air Zoom Structure 19 is consistently stable and will offer you plenty of support! Designed to fit snug where you need it to, the Nike Arch Support Soccer Socks fully engage your feet for on target crosses and out of this world bicycle kicks. NIKE Studio Wrap (released in 2012)helps a lot with traction and arch support while working out barefoot (not really anymore).

You'll get a surprisingly lightweight ride while scoring top-level stability thanks to the Dynamic Support system. If you're looking for a smooth, stable ride perfectly packaged in a simple design, the Women's Nike® Zoom Structure+ 16 just may be your new favorite shoe. Your joints and muscles will be well taken care of in the decoupled crash pad that'll provide you with smooth, supported touch downs.

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