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I’ve been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and wrist tendonitis (tenosynovitis) on and off for several years now. Below I have listed some carpel tunnel treatments I have tried over the years that have worked for relieving my symptoms and hopefully yours too.
The Phalen’s Test is a simple test that you can do to help verify you have carpal tunnel syndrome.
I wanted to find home remedy solutions first and considered going to the doctor or having carpal tunnel release surgery a last resort. I like to wear Smart Glove Carpal Tunnel Wrist Supports because they are light and comfortable.

It is designed by an orthopedic surgeon to prevent and relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain. There are also removable splint supports on the top of the gloves to keep your wrists in the correct position.
I found this night time wrist splint that keeps my wrist straight, but is very comfortable to wear. Apparently one of the best non-invasive carpel tunnel syndrome treatments recommended by doctors is night splinting and this one was rated as one of the best splints..
The statements in this article are simply my opinions and what has worked for my carpel tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a combination of carpel tunnel, wrist tendonitis and tennis elbow because I have pain described by all three. When your hand is kept in this neutral position, the carpel tunnel is kept open and not stressed.

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