These corns are very tender to touch and get inflamed by constant friction and pressure by ones footwear.
However there are certain herbal and natural ways to get rid of corns or treat them effectively.
They are generally white and gray or yellow and brown in color.So always make sure that you avoid standing for long in very tight and uncomfortable footwear. One of the most common and easiest method to get rid of corns is to soak ones feet in warm water and rub the affected area with a pumice stone before retiring to bed in the night.
One such treatment  involves the slicing of lemon and placing the pieces overnight on the corns by tying a cloth above them.

One such remedy involves using the juice prepared out of  the herb dandelion and applying it on corns overnight.
Invest on a good comfortablefitting footwear and remove the problem of getting corns altogether. Besides, the milky juice of green figs can prove to be a very effective remedy for corn and can also help avoid recurrences. Another permanent remedy to cure corns is tying corns with pineapple peels and leaving them overnight.
A paste of chalk  powder and water applied on the affected part left  overnight and washed in the morning also helps a lot in treating corns.

To conclude one can make sure to avoid and treat corns by taking some of these herbal, natural and home remedial steps. It is also good to make sure that corns  become worse when one is standing for long in uncomfortable footwear.

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