That’s what my orthopedist told me some years ago as he looked at the orthotics a foot doctor made for me and that I’d been wearing for a couple of years.
I was at the orthopedist’s office because my feet hurt, and because the foot doctor who sold me the orthotics couldn’t seem to figure out anything to help me. Prescription orthotics are the mainstay of conservative of treatment of the foot and ankle.
Most orthotics are guarantted against breakage; however, over time they will begin to flatten out. While orthotics can be made by several different processes, most physicians prefer to make a plaster cast impression of the patient's foot. Beware that custom function orthotic therapy consists of serveral things, if none of these are done it's not a true pathology specific orthotic therapy.

Due to the new advances in the orthotic therapy and techniques it is now possible to have orthotics manufactured for women's pumps and flats. I looked at the orthotics, which I hated, and then back at the Doctor and I told him, “Wow! He said my orthotics were perfect, and maybe if I put a little cotton pad over my ankle, things would work out. Many people benefit from having prescription orthotics from runners, joggers, diabetics, and children depending on the purpose of activity and deformity. The typical lifetime of a pair of orthotics is 5 years depending on the activity they are used for. This is much slimmer design and can fit into more shoes desired by the Sophisticated Working Woman.

We are so sure that you'll be satisfied with your Rx devices, that our office offers no-charge adjustments for the lifetime of your device if done through us. But the benefits of listening to the science are that I don’t have to buy or wear special shoes or orthotics, and I get to spend an extra 5 minutes in bed doing my foot stretches. Using the physician's recommendations for corrections, the lab technicians form an orthotic that incorporates the necessary adjustments.

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