The remarkable, patented KURUSOLE™ technology means every part of your foot receives perfect support for a genuinely comfortable experience every time you put on your work shoes. This shape includes a deep heel cup to match your natural heel shape to keep your natural heel fat pad in place.
Poor support in your shoes is a major contributor to foot pain, and this makes your job even harder.

Imagine getting the cushioning and support needed so you could finish your job with energy to spare.KURU offers the most comfortable work shoes because they actually mold to your individual foot to provide custom cushioning and reliable support.
This promises powerful heel stability and superior shock absorption with perfect arch support.
Our built-in anatomical footbed provides a naturally cushioned platform that cups your heel and molds to your individual foot for more health and wellness.

The majority of work shoes are flat inside, which means they do not provide the support your heels and arches need to avoid health problems and injury.

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