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Although it doesn’t add to the comfort of the shoe, I also like that they are slip resistant and very stylish. The rose pattern is beautiful and one of the most unique patterns I’ve ever seen on a pair of nursing shoes. The Multi Mosaic style adds a bit of pop to your nursing attire while still being subtle enough to avoid being a complete showstopper. Find more great nursing shoes for women, nursing shoes for men, the best white nursing shoes. Everyone has different feet and every nursing shoe offers a new opportunity to take your feet on an adventure.

Some have hard soles with rocker heels or soft soles with flexible shock absorbing material. The simple of addition of these classy shoes, and perhaps some better posture, can transform drab scrubs in to a presentable uniform.
I have worn both of these types of nursing shoes and consistently find myself picking shoes with softer soles that absorb the shock associated with long days of walking hospital halls and conference floors.
Through months, and sometimes years, of trial and error nurses work to find their favorite pair of shoes based upon their own unique criteria. I have read reviews online about the shoe’s sole coming apart but customer service assured me that was a factory issue that was addressed and fixed and there is also a one year warranty.

After having the opportunity to test the Grey’s Anatomy Meredith Clog by Softwalk, who I have partnered with for this post, I believe I had found my pick from most comfortable shoes for nurses (or at least this nurse).

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