Click the button below to add the Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin Blister Dressing to your wish list. BLISTER SHOESCalluses on sensitive skin rubbefore the add running shoes, blisters straight. Over the years, as I have patched feet, I have found it is better in the long run (no pun intended), to drain all blisters.

The athlete is able to run again, with much less discomfort, and the blister is taken care of – not to refill or grow larger. First, if the blister is larger than ? inch, it is better to drain it than allow it to grow.
Moleskin is thick and that thickness can easily cause further irritation as well as problems as the gait is changed to accommodate the uncomfortable patch.

Second, if the blister is in an area where pressure will likely pop it or the pressure will cause it to grow, then draining it is recommended.

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