Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin is a new super soft, super adhesive blister dressing that is also user-friendly with its pre-cut shapes and sizes for quick and easy application.
The larger oval shape pieces include pre-cut inner holes for creating a donut for the blister to fit in. Andiroba helps increase circulation and has been used by natives in Brazil for ages to help heal cuts. Emu oil is a long time favourite of Australian aborigines for treating burns and bites, and today it’s very popular for helping with soft tissue injuries, bruising, and joint stiffness.
Tamanu oil is a cure-all oil for skin ailments, great for acne, eczema, cuts, burns, bug bites, and more.

Seal the container and put it in a small dish of hot water (from the tap is fine) to melt, giving it a shake every few minutes, until everything is melted together.Apply to burns and blisters every 6–12 hours.
I had also discovered by accident that the best balm for my tootsies is basically shea butter mixed with an oil ( the original recipe called for rice bran oil, but I’m going to use calendula inflused soy bean oil and add some EOs like tea trea oil and lemon because they are anti septic and smell nice. I have plans to make pumice foot scrub in a shae butter base and that foot balm I mentioned for my Etsy shop. Cheers, Ruth Reply Marie on February 16, 2013 at 5:05 pm I check that address regularly, so feel free to get in touch there I’ve found I also really like soy bean oil for soaps!
When I first started using it I liked it for my hands, but it was just so greasy I couldn’t touch paper for ages after using it!

So, I’ve since moved on to other butters, oils, and lotions for my hands, but nothing beats a good, thick slathering of shea and a pair of thick socks for dry feet!
Reply Valerie on February 16, 2013 at 8:26 pm The best blister balm I ever found had Myrrh and Golden-seal it was miraculous.

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