When all of the scabs or rough edges have disappeared, it is time to begin the process of "posting" or "taping" to help your boxer's ears to stand erect. Apply surgical glue (skin bond) to the back of the mole foam as in Diagram B and to the inside of the pup's ears as in Diagram C. Make sure you pull the ear upward tauntly as you press the glued side of the form against the glued inside of the ear.
Take a slender or slim-line tampon (the cardboard applicator style, not plastic) or roll paper towels into a similar size and shape, and measure the size of the pup's ears.

Correcting a common problem:On occassion, a puppy will have an ear that tends to lean in (Diagram F).
I would personally rather take off a little ear and have it stand as to have floppy cropped ears.
Then cut into pieces slightly longer than the pup's ears (remembering that part must go down inside the ears).
Sometimes, as seen in the picture below, the cup breaks away except for the part holding the ears erect.

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