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Patients have witnessed a reduction in pain of the metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP) often within minutes of wearing Bunion Aid.
Designed with similar ingenuity as the Bunion Aid bunion splint, the Medial Mid-foot Arch Support Brace provides adjustable inward and upward support to the mid-foot longitudinal arch and helps redistribute pressure points in the forefoot relieving pain from bunions, metatarsalgia, collapsed arches, and stress fractures. The brace can be worn to relieve bunion pain while a patient with a severe bunion is waiting for surgery or for one who elects not to have bunion surgery. This arch support relieves mid-foot pain caused by general stress or strain including splayfoot and fallen arches. Perhaps the easiest way to look at the anatomy of the foot is to start with the bones, breaking them down into sections that make up the three main areas of the foot.

Numerous muscles, tendons and ligaments form a network throughout your foot, with the tendons connecting bone to muscle and the ligaments connecting bone to other bones.
Unlike elastic sleeve foot arch supports, this arch brace will not pleat, roll up or lose shape, thus maintaining lasting corrective arch support. In the case of severe bunions, the compression of the side splint of the brace provides support of the metatarsal bones, taking pressure away from the painful bunion while wearing shoes. Three layers of ligaments help bind the foot bones together, assisted by the tendons of the foot muscles. The complexity of your foot is a blessing that ensures it can perform its weighty tasks, but it can also be a curse if something goes wrong.

Intrinsic muscles originate on the tarsal bones, or the seven bones of your midfoot and hindfoot. In addition to the muscles found throughout the top area of your foot, the sole of your foot contains a protective layer of deep fascia as well as four layers of muscle.

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